Brushless Motor Mount, X-Large

Spektrum - Item No. SPMXAMA1265
3.2 out of 5 Customer Rating
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One motor support for extra-large motors.

All assembly hardware.

Hardware to mount to your model’s firewall.

Hardware to mount brushless motor to front of motor mount.

Thread locking compound is recommended.


Spektrum Brushless Motor Mounts offer a simple solution when upgrading your Glow or Gas models to electric power. With a Spektrum Brushless Motor Mount you have a wide range of adjustability, customization options and compatibility for brushless motors of nearly any brand or design. Constructed of durable, aircraft grade aluminum and includes high-quality hardware.


  • Standard Firewall mounting holes for easy glow/gas to electric conversion (.20-1.80 cu in (20-30cc) sizes.
  • Perfect fit for 63mm Spektrum Avian Brushless motors
  • Universal motor mounting bolt pattern insures an easy fit with many brands of motors.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for added durability.
  • Unlimited adjustability from 3.5-4.6 (89-117mm)


  • Length: Adjustable from 3.5-4.6 (89-117mm)
  • Mounting Plate Width: 3.1 (79.5mm)
  • Mounting Plate Height: 2.4 (62mm)
  • Bolt Pattern: 1.94 (49.3mm) at mounting hole centers